Ways to throw money in the trash

Ways to throw money in the trash

Surely it happened to you that you made an expense, you run out of money and you wonder how you could be able to throw the money in the trash.

Let it not happen to you! We tell you the 10 worst ways to throw money in the trash, essential information to learn how to manage my money.

Go to the super no list

Go to the super no list

This is the most common way to waste money. It never occurs to you to go to the supermarket with hunger and without a list, because it is not only possible that you do not even take home what you need, but that you end up buying many more things that you will not even use, particularly food.

Personal arrangement

In order not to fix your nails yourself, you may end up paying exorbitant amounts for this service. The same if you pay to iron your hair, that day it rains and you can’t escape frizz.

Bring your car clean

If you take the car to wash while you are reading a magazine, maybe you could do that task yourself. Use this service and pay for it when you definitely don’t have time to do it. Otherwise try to do it yourself.

Stay hydrated

If you are one of those who carry your water bottle everywhere but do not use it and worse, you are buying it, it is best that you leave prepared at home with at least one bottle of water ready and so you can save this daily expense.

Coupons you never use

Coupons you never use

Typical that you found on the internet at a discount coupon for 130 pesos to go to dinner with your partner to the best restaurant in the city, but at the mere hour you miss the date on which you expired or did not read the small letters and when you arrived at place for one or the other ends up being invalid.

Food and cooking utensils

Do you buy a lot of cooking stuff because you think it’s pretty, but you hardly start cooking at home? Do not be one of those who prepare to cook at home, do not calculate the portions, you end up cooking a large amount that in the end nobody eats and ends up in the trash.

The gym

The gym on the corner of your house convinced you on the first visit and you pay 3 months in advance, but you know that you are not very disciplined with that topic and you can’t even go the first full month.


You’re bad to ride in heels but you loved those shoes you saw on the sideboard at a discount. As much as your purchase is a bargain, it’s no use spending if you’re never going to wear them.

Pet products are the most expensive tastes

Pet products are the most expensive tastes

You buy some booties to go for a walk when it rains, but at the mere hour the dog gets out, anyway it gets wet the legs and for you it is a triumph to put them on, avoiding spending more than 300 pesos on something that sooner or later you will have what to save

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