Month: July 2019

Collective financing platforms, an alternative to grow your money

Traditional financial instruments give low profits, so collective financing platforms are an alternative to grow your money. for more.

Gradually online loans have their viability. Not only do they represent an option for those who decide to have non-bank financing, they are also an option for those seeking to increase their capital. One of the unwritten rules, but that every saver who wants to grow his money must take into account, is that the gain granted by the chosen instrument is greater than inflation, which is about 4 percent.

The opportunity to start with a small loan seems the safest

The opportunity to start with a small loan seems the safest

There are platforms where loans from 250 pesos can be made, such as good lender. Although the opportunity to start with a small loan seems the safest, it is recommended to start with at least an amount of 5,000 pesos to diversify it. The above is a way to increase your returns; While the biggest risk to your money is default, the more you diversify your loans, the less it will be.

The platform ensures, after a case study, that credit applicants make monthly payments with rates from 8.9% to 28.9% annually. These payments are credited to the account of the lender, who is charged a commission of 1% for each payment. This meets the premise of offering a profit greater than 4 percent.

You must be aware that there is zero risk in any instrument


Of course, you must be aware that there is zero risk in any instrument, there is always, and therefore you must think about it before integrating into any model.

An endorsement for lenders is that companies such as good lender request, together with the credit history of credit applicants, other collections that they collectively value to qualify the applicant. That qualification of the applicant will help you choose who you lend to and who does not, according to your grades and score.

Another advantage is that once the deadline for your money is returned, you can withdraw it or reinvest it. They say that everyone talks about how they do at the fair, in this case you can see if it is a way to grow your money and if you just don’t like it, you stop lending and that’s it.

The idea of ​​this model is that people finance people

The idea of ​​this model is that people finance people

Which is a novelty in a globalized world, but especially when the population has so many doubts about the financial system of our country.

Even the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has recognized it as a financing alternative that moves quickly with platforms that are adapted and designed in local markets.

The IDB made a series of recommendations to promote these types of platforms, including more financial education and the promotion of their achievements to break down the barrier of mistrust.

How to manage my money as a couple

If you are at the turning point of sharing your life with someone, you should ask yourself how to manage my money as a couple. Here are some tips.

We all get the moment when we decide to share with the loved one much more than a few walks and kisses; we get the tickle to move forward in our relationship and we make the decision to get married or start living together and of course, that’s when we also have to agree on certain everyday situations.

How to manage my money as a couple?

How to manage my money as a couple?

One of the most important is precisely, how to manage my money as a couple? Should I pay half of all expenses and keep what I have to do? Would it be better to collect what we both earn and manage it together? If you have reached the point of asking yourself these questions, here are a few tips for you to make the decision that suits you best:

The simplest is to make an account -realistic- of the expenses involved in sharing a life together, and dividing the payment between the two in equal parts. Or, hold whoever earns the most with the proportional part that corresponds to the total expenses of the month, what about, everyone can use it as they see fit.

The detail in this type of arrangement is that, generally, there will be one that is dissatisfied because it will not be as much as the other for personal expenses, because it is the one that pays the most; and there is no lack of who runs out of money and ends up borrowing from the other, which can eventually cause some discomfort.

How to handle money as a couple

How to handle money as a couple

Another way to solve the question about how to handle money as a couple, is to open an account in the name of the two to deposit the total of what they earn together and manage that account through agreements, especially to decide what they will do with the money that they later expenses.

This arrangement requires that both be kept well communicated, as well as being well managed. If they are, they can save some money and invest it intelligently – prior agreement – in something that is profitable for both of them.

The important thing is that they agree on basic issues

The important thing is that they agree on basic issues

Whatever the way you solve the issue, the important thing is that they agree on basic issues such as: not spending more than they earn, not making one-sided decisions about excessive purchases or involving the disbursement of a significant amount of money. money, create a savings fund; And most importantly, avoid fighting for money.

If you are ready to share your life together, then there is love, trust and respect, so you will know how to agree on how to handle money as a couple.

Ways to throw money in the trash

Surely it happened to you that you made an expense, you run out of money and you wonder how you could be able to throw the money in the trash.

Let it not happen to you! We tell you the 10 worst ways to throw money in the trash, essential information to learn how to manage my money.

Go to the super no list

Go to the super no list

This is the most common way to waste money. It never occurs to you to go to the supermarket with hunger and without a list, because it is not only possible that you do not even take home what you need, but that you end up buying many more things that you will not even use, particularly food.

Personal arrangement

In order not to fix your nails yourself, you may end up paying exorbitant amounts for this service. The same if you pay to iron your hair, that day it rains and you can’t escape frizz.

Bring your car clean

If you take the car to wash while you are reading a magazine, maybe you could do that task yourself. Use this service and pay for it when you definitely don’t have time to do it. Otherwise try to do it yourself.

Stay hydrated

If you are one of those who carry your water bottle everywhere but do not use it and worse, you are buying it, it is best that you leave prepared at home with at least one bottle of water ready and so you can save this daily expense.

Coupons you never use

Coupons you never use

Typical that you found on the internet at a discount coupon for 130 pesos to go to dinner with your partner to the best restaurant in the city, but at the mere hour you miss the date on which you expired or did not read the small letters and when you arrived at place for one or the other ends up being invalid.

Food and cooking utensils

Do you buy a lot of cooking stuff because you think it’s pretty, but you hardly start cooking at home? Do not be one of those who prepare to cook at home, do not calculate the portions, you end up cooking a large amount that in the end nobody eats and ends up in the trash.

The gym

The gym on the corner of your house convinced you on the first visit and you pay 3 months in advance, but you know that you are not very disciplined with that topic and you can’t even go the first full month.


You’re bad to ride in heels but you loved those shoes you saw on the sideboard at a discount. As much as your purchase is a bargain, it’s no use spending if you’re never going to wear them.

Pet products are the most expensive tastes

Pet products are the most expensive tastes

You buy some booties to go for a walk when it rains, but at the mere hour the dog gets out, anyway it gets wet the legs and for you it is a triumph to put them on, avoiding spending more than 300 pesos on something that sooner or later you will have what to save

5 things you should do during the day to take care of your money

If you are looking for ways to reduce your expenses, take note of these 5 things you should do during the day to take care of your money.

It is very important that you organize your expenses daily. It will probably be difficult for you at the beginning, but once you have the habit, you will see that it is simple and useful to plan and do small actions day by day for your economy.

Control cell phone use

Control cell phone use

If you are someone who uses your cell phone with internet connection at all times and while in a waiting room take the opportunity to watch a video channel, be careful. Since the use of the internet can be excessive and it will be expensive. The best thing in these cases is that you put a limit on your consumption and download an application that allows you to measure it so that you control it better and pay less for this service.

From stationers to stationers

You may need to print, snag or make copies and it may seem most practical to go to the internet cafe in the corner, but it is much more expensive than if you go to a stationery store. Analyze what suits you best, especially if it is a question of making many copies, snagging several copies or even if you need to buy other things. These types of expenses are sometimes considered very small, but in the long term they can become a significant sum.

Concert Tickets

Concert Tickets

It turns out that you just saw that the group you are a fan of will come to your country and give a concert at the end of the year and the tickets go on sale the following week. You may be able to find who buys them directly at the office box or go yourself to avoid paying unnecessary charges for shipping or downloading online. What you save on the purchase can be used to pay for parking on the day of the event, for example.

Share your car

Share your car

If your neighbors work in the same area, arrange with them to go to the office at the same time and they will save you having to use 5 cars, for example.

Talk to them to see who is leaving at the same time as you and organize yourself to use your car some days and those of your neighbors, in order to save gas consumption. In addition, they will take care of the environment and can contribute to the traffic situation with which they live in the city.

Eat healthily

Eat healthy

Avoiding chips and junk food will help you to stop spending unnecessarily, and you can have healthier eating habits. Choose to prepare healthy foods from your home and take them to your workplace for your mid-morning snack.

If you follow these tips, you will quickly see that you have more money that you can use in things that are more necessary and useful for your productive life. As you put these tips into practice, you will come up with other ideas to reduce unnecessary expenses in your day today.


We tell you how to make money render

If you wonder how to make money pay when you feel less and less, these tips can help you out of trouble.

A key element of financial education is learning how to optimize your resources, not that you don’t spend them or save them under the mattress, but find efficient mechanisms that allow you to grow them. We leave you some tips to achieve it. It is not a matter of achieving it overnight, so perseverance and perseverance will allow you to accomplish your goals without throwing in the towel halfway.

Budget:Write down income and expenses

Budget:Write down income and expenses

Write down income and expenses, not only of what you have budgeted but of the smallest expenses such as tips, gum and morning coffee.


If you must, pay. Do not leave later what you can pay today. On the first day of your payment, aim to cover the outstanding debts. Whether you owe it to the cousin, the neighbor or require your monthly payments, do not leave them for later because you can spend it and then you will have to pay with surcharges, which will make your loans more expensive.

Get organized

Get organized

If after having paid all your commitments you are left with 3 pesos in the bag. Analyze what options you have to overcome this situation. For example, do not think about eating on the street, and take your prepared food from home. Not only will it be healthier, but also cheaper.


You may have noticed that with a period of “tightening your belt” in terms of expenses you manage to avoid this moment of many debts and payments, but if these are greater, it is time for you to start thinking about how to generate new income.

Long term goal

Long term goal

Once you have regularized your situation, save. Have you already paid debts and are you up to date with your expenses? Do not raise your level of spending, as long as you do not set a goal to save. A saving that includes the short term, that is, the next vacation; of medium term for the hitch of a house or go to study abroad, or long term, for when your retirement arrives.

Make your money pay using it in what really contributes to your life, and not that it ends up becoming a financial burden, otherwise you will live forever indebted and without reaching those long-term projects that give you satisfaction because they are the result of your own effort.