Month: May 2019

May your money not lose value

Where to put your savings to work is not an easy decision. However, what you should consider is that your money does not lose value.

Many people are afraid of investing because they believe there is a high probability of losing their money and although there is zero risk, the truth is that there are instruments for everyone, from the riskiest to those who prefer to sacrifice a little performance for more security. .

Sacrifice a little performance for more security

Sacrifice a little performance for more security

Something that you must be very clear about is that it is important that the performance granted by the instrument of your choice is above inflation, otherwise it will lose value over time.

Bank notes: Due to their security, since they are a liquidable instrument, that is, at the end of the chosen or established term you have your money back plus a percentage of returns, they were widely used a few years ago.

However, today, that security they offer acts against performance, since the profits they offer are minimal, they do not even exceed inflation. In the market, the returns offered by financial institutions in this instrument do not exceed the annual rate of 3 percent, on average.

The entrance of many people to the investment

The entrance of many people to the investment

These instruments operated by the government became the entrance of many people to the investment, since an account can be opened from 100 pesos. However, due to low growth worldwide, central banks decided to reduce the reference rate, to reduce interest rates on loans, which would cause people to consume, which would ultimately boost the economy.

The side effect of this is that yields for savers were reduced, today who invests in this type of instruments does not win the battle against inflation, although for many specialists having money here is better than under the mattress.

Good Lender: People who decide to finance other people and enter the P2P model, under which Good Lender operates, can get returns from 8.90 to 28.9 percent per year, less a commission that charges the platform, a profit that definitely exceeds inflation.

One of its advantages is that being 250 pesos the minimum amount to lend

You can diversify between several credits, which lessens the risk that a lender acquires under this platform.

You can withdraw the funds each month, the payments are made or lend again to more credit applicants.

When you finally made the jump from saver to investor it is important that you identify the goal for which you are saving and growing your money, in addition to choosing the instrument that helps you achieve it. This is critical in the way you manage your money.

How to save money: 10 thousand pesos in 6 months

Have you ever wondered how to save money? Analyze what you spend 55.5 pesos a day and you can save very easily 10 thousand pesos in just six months. Here we tell you how to achieve it.

When you think about how to manage money

When you think about how to manage money

It is undoubtedly believed that saving is one of the most complicated things in the world.

And you are not wrong, when it comes to forming a habit, discipline and determination are required, so simple it is not.

But, if you set a goal and start doing small actions day by day, you will realize that it is not as complicated as you imagine.

Start by asking yourself what you spend 56 pesos a day, 389 pesos a week or 1,556 pesos a month and find a way to convert it into savings.

Save as follows


If you are one of those who usually buy their coffee in a recognized chain in the United States, you could be paying 56 pesos a day. Here you have an area of ​​opportunity to save that money. If you make that daily purchase, you are spending 392 pesos a week, triple what it costs a kilo of good quality coffee in the supermarket that you could prepare before going to work.

Cigarette pack. Do you smoke? Well be careful! Because quitting this habit could help you stop spending those 56 pesos you need per day. In addition, you avoid a painful and expensive long-term illness.

The taxi to your work. You left home late and now you will have to take a taxi that would at least make you spend 56 pesos round trip? Let it not happen to you! Get up earlier and if you are one of those who do not wake up at first, set your alarm at full volume and well in advance to avoid expensive setbacks. Do not say if those 56 pesos are paid one way and the same on the return.

Did you get the weekend and could not save the previous 5 days?

Did you get the weekend and could not save the previous 5 days?

Did you get the weekend and could not save the previous 5 days? Find a way to save 389 pesos on the way out with your partner or friends to the movies. You can think of going to the cinema and for the 2 tickets you pay 158 pesos, plus 200 pesos between popcorn, soda and ice cream and 30 pesos from the parking lot in the mall. If you didn’t save during the week, avoid the weekend outing and change it for a movie at home.

Meals. It turns out that for your workplace an executive menu costs you only 99.99 pesos and, for not cooking at home, at least 4 days you went out to eat and spent more than 400 pesos, including the tip.

If you feel identified with this point, find a way to adjust your food expenses or decide to cook to save more. This can even be a very good reason to improve your eating habits.

If you manage to reduce unnecessary expenses equivalent to 56 pesos a day, in six months you will have saved 10 thousand. Not bad, don’t you think? Tell us what other expenses you think you could reduce in your day today.